Your Team Bombed!


It’s the day after Super Bowl XLVIII and the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos 43-8. The Seahawks were supposed to win but Denver was not supposed to lose this badly.

What happens when you, your team or organization “lays an egg”? Maybe it’s the design of a new product, a new marketing launch or even a simple sales presentation. How do you respond when you fail miserably? Here are three steps which will allow your team to recover.

  1. Don’t Play the Blame Game. It’s easy to blame Payton Manning for the Bronco’s loss. The truth is the Seattle defense dominated every aspect of the Bronco’s offense. It was a team failure not the failure of one person. Everyone on a team either wins together or loses together.
  2. Evaluate Everything. Be honest with yourself and your team. Start the evaluation with “what did we do well?” I know that when you ‘bomb it big’ its hard to look for positives, but there are some, I promise. Next identify what you could have done differently and how you will execute better next time.
  3. Reenergize the Team. Take your lumps but put it behind you. John Maxwell recently published a new book “Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn”. Take that learning experience and build on it. Refocus and reignite the team looking forward not backward.

These three steps will get your team back on track quickly and moving toward their next victory.