Michael Bryant, Chief Cultivator

Michael Bryant possesses the unique combination of over 35 years of leadership experience, in both large corporate and entrepreneurial settings. His extensive career ranges from 28 years with a Fortune 50 retail company and the starting and building of a small business. Michael is a certified Leadership Coach with vast knowledge and skills, including the development of professionals, both on personal and business levels, corporate team building and strategic planning. These qualities enable him to deliver outstanding results for his clients and their individualized needs.

Prior to Peak Harvest Coaching, Michael had over 28 years experience in store operations at Lowes. During that time, he was instrumental in the development of various successful new strategies for store processes, yielding maximum results for both Lowes Corporation and its employees. As a result of his successful leadership, Michael was instrumental in implementing these new strategies and in-store processes nationwide. Michael’s driving force in making those systems successful was not the system itself, but in making people successful. His commitment to seeing others succeed is a special quality that Michael possesses, one which is essential to the growth and achievement of his clients.

Michael’s exceptional coaching style provides a platform for discovery and clarity in all types of complex business situations. He enjoys equipping business and non profit leaders with the tools they need to achieve excellence in both work and life. His integrity, trust, and servant’s heart has earned him praise as a mentor, friend, and confidant to executives, leaders, and front line employees.

Michael resides in the Atlanta area with his wife, Lynn. They have four children, Matthew, Stephen, Lauren and Jonathan.