It has become a buzz word in the corporate world, but what exactly is “Executive Coaching?”

To answer that question and to describe what an Executive Coach does, let’s first look at a more traditional coach. Think of your favorite athlete. No matter what sport that athlete competes in, or at what level, that athlete will have a coach. Why? Simply put, a coach has the ability to propel the athlete beyond the level he or she could achieve alone. How is that possible?

First, the coach is able to be objective. The athlete will have certain raw talents and certain deficiencies that the coach can assess on a continual basis. This assessment allows the coach to then focus the athlete on the fundamentals that will produce the best results for that individual athlete. That, in a nutshell, is what a coach does….he or she helps the athlete to focus on daily fundamentals which in turn strengthens the overall abilities of the athlete to perform better.

In essence, the Executive Coach does the same thing. Instead of an athlete, his efforts are pointed toward those in the workforce – entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, management or leaders. Through both one-on-one and group sessions, the Executive Coach can take an assessment of the client and help determine the natural strengths and opportunities for improvement. Helping the client focus on daily, weekly and monthly tasks, the Executive Coach brings out the very best in the client and conditions him with fundamentals that allow for workplace and life success. Often the Executive Coach will recommend resources such as books and seminars which will increase the client’s understanding and/or focus and propel the client to the next level.

Just as the athlete partners with a coach for success, so does the client partner with the Executive Coach. The level of success attained has much to do with the willingness of the client to commit to the coaching sessions. If an athlete listened to his coach’s assessments and recommended workouts but then never did any of the training drills, he would never grow in his athletic abilities.

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